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Game Fairness

The Casino software uses a random number generator to generate the sequence of numbers corresponding to card types, rolls, bars etc.

These algorithms are tested thoroughly to ensure that they are both unpredictable and evenly distributed thereby ensuring the highest possible level of fairness.

How are your games tested?

Our developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that the software we produce is of the highest quality.

Each game undergoes rigorous testing on the real gaming server to determine whether game rules are obeyed, payouts are calculated correctly etc.

Then, depending on the game, between 1 and 10 million bets are made to test the fairness of the random number generator. If the frequency of winning combinations and general payouts are within expectations, the game is passed to the Quality Assurance team of engineers. They in turn ensure that the game plays to within expected quality levels.

Only when all of these tests are passed is the game made available for use by our players.

Like any other software product, we cannot guarantee a flawless application. We can, however, guarantee a commitment to solving all major problems encountered in an attempt to create an even better application. For this reason we have implemented 24-7 support systems to ensure that our players are afforded the highest quality of service. If you have experienced any problems with the functionality of our software, or have any concerns in relation to our implementation of games, game rules etc, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the event that an investigation of our game logs reveal an anomaly, our development team will immediately assess and fix the problem, and make reimbursements as necessary.

How do you ensure that your random number generator is fair?

Our developers are particularly mindful of the importance of our random number generator. It represents the heart of our gaming algorithms and consequently every attempt must be made to ensure that the results are in accordance with practical circumstances.

Contrary to popular belief, our Casino will not benefit from a biased random number generator. If our algorithms produce biased results it may be possible for a player to use this in his favor to predict outcomes. It is therefore in our best interests to ensure that this never happens.

We currently test our random generator on a sequence of 300,000,000 numbers to verify it’s randomness. If our tests are found to be outside theoretical limits, then that generator is discarded.

Connection Problems

I got disconnected in the middle of a game. What do I do?

First… Do not panic … Just restart the application and log in again. You will be able to resume your game at the exact point you were before.

Be patient as it may take a few minutes for the server to update your files.

That’s it …. just launch the Casino by double clicking on the Casino icon on your desktop, or log into the instant games.

If you get a message “Can’t establish a connection with server.” ensure that you are successfully connected to the internet by launching your browser and trying to access a web site.

Will this Casino work with my ISP?

You should be able to use our Casino online with your current ISP. Our communication services use 100% compatible TCP/IP and consequently our games can be accessed through almost any ISP.

If you are experiencing problems connecting online please contact your ISP.