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Game Fairness The Casino software uses a random number generator to generate the sequence of...

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“Free slots” seems to be a paradox of itself. After all, how can any form of gambling be free? However, because of the low operating costs of the online casinos and the software they employ, customers are able, if they so wish, to play the slot machines for free.

The question of interest is then why would anyone wish to play the slots for free? With a game such as poker where skill is required and a familiarity with the rules and etiquette are essential info that any player should be armed with, one can understand the merits of practising the game for free. However, what could be so difficult and challenging about pulling a lever or pressing a button and waiting for the pictures to appear and hopefully form a line? The answer is that it seems people wish to practise for free so that they can observe the patterns and rates of their winning and hence develop either a strategy or a system.

The amount of time this would take and its highly disputable accuracy means that for many people the concept of free slots may not be ideal. However for those who like to theorise on the mathematical implications of gambling, a world of free slots awaits them.

Unlike poker, a game of skill, when one wishes to play the slot machines, one is embarking on a fairly easy and non-challenging form of gambling. It is a great way to try and win some money without having to exercise one’s brain. It alleviates the stress of knowing that there was possibly something you could have done differently to have won the jackpot if things do not go your way.

However, a danger that one can find when happily gambling on the slot machines is that because one can start gambling with a relatively small amount of money as compared with some of the other casino games, a false sense of security can develop and one is less cautious when gambling. It is not long however before the amount of money paid out is mounting and the player becomes desperate to regain some of their losses – a dangerous situation when gambling.

When one chooses to buy some chips to gamble with on the slot machines, one is surrendering completely to the forces of luck. Whilst very much an image of the casinos of Vegas, playing the slots can be done in virtually any casino on land and most gambling sites on the internet. The size of the jackpots will vary but the game itself remains the same in principle.

For those who see gambling as more of a skill-based entity and who want to have to work for their money, poker remains a game that appeals to those with a sense of shrewd strategy and gambling bravado. Steeped in a history of colourful characters and brinkmanship, poker will always provide more of a challenge to the gambler and help luck to still play a significant role, but a role complimented by that of skill.